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  • A- Level Medicine Diary : Ep 03

    Thursday, January 12, 2012

    It's a total freaking nice when u can spend ur weekend hanging out, Doing ur favourite thing, Sleep, Shopping, Dating, etc.
    But not when u are In a foundation Year + to pursue a medical Degree. It's a total Hectic + crazy path life when u can't control it. And of course u can pretend like there's nothing happen,

    Till the end, U couldn't find ur true smile anymore when ur result is Such A Black Flying Color .
    so, Like usual, itulah dia berbasi-basi dalam berbahasa English. IELTS menanti Sept mendatang.

    Tidak ku sangka Sem 2 semakin mendesak dengan desakan untuk mendapat keputusan yang cemerlang Plus everything is organized. Tambahan pula dengan Lecturer yang berkeperibadiaan Express memanjang dalam menerangkan slide, memang tak senang duduk dibuatnya.

    Dan Untuk minggu ke-2, baru minggu ke-2 yang Puan-puan sekalian, still ada LOT OF THINGS (LOT) need to do + Cover and review and Preview and Practice and Observe and Write. Houh.

    *Wall Board study table yang sudi menerima luahan perasaan*

    Untuk weekend sahaja, perlu untuk me-review Heterolytic fission, Homolytic fission, Trans-Cis Isomerism, The initiation, propagation till elimination in Advanced level of halogenation process.
    Review diteruskan pula untuk fertilisation-The occurance on Rona ntah pa2 membrane, the working of enzyme on the surface of secondary oocyte What so ever.
    Dan untuk Pure maths dan stats, still have the trigonometric calculation and the Discrete Random variable, PDF, PDT,...

    Manakala untuk Pre-view @ Preview,
    Mechanism action, Polygenic inheritance, Reaction of bro-cloro Practical procedure

    Tambahan dengan Homework, Wow. Exam based question in fertilisation, Practice, Practice and Practice on Trigonometric function in AL.

    And Ongoing observation on Titopotency in Plant, The Plant tissue culture experiment, 7days of observation PLUS 2500 words report regarding this experiment.

    *Lokasi: Badan bas dengan Nama Klassic tempat pengajian*

    It;s just the 2nd week!!
    and even Worst,
    My Diet is still not working.


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