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  • Diary Of ALM-Nottingham: Practical 1-Chemistry

    Thursday, July 28, 2011
    Hype My Beloved readers,
    My apology cause not updating my blog since last2 weeks.. (till I dont know when the last update was). By the way, today we had our first chemistry practical, The formation of Hydrated nickel carbonate and the calculation of percentage yield what so ever.. haha

    So that, I came early this morning, I took bus at 6.30am (so proud of it),wake up at 5.30am. At 7.ooam, I already arrived infront of the chemistry lab,which I don't really remember what number it is. But as long as I arrived safely,then it's ok! (sorry for the mixing of past and present).
    After waiting and do some revision for SURDS,INDICES and so ever,then my classmates arrived and do some LAST checking before entering the lab. Lab is open at 8,when there's still time, we're just sitting and waiting...wait..wait...and do some nonsense thing (snap).

    5 past 8,we entered the lab and BEGIN our magic potion class (as like in Harry Potter, purposedly mentioned so that chemistry would be more interesting).

    Pozing is the first priority before start anything

    Naughty Pharmacist to be~

    We take all the apparatus needed , do the procedure carefully (sound silly right because I am busy with photography and practical,BOTH,simultaneously,haha). So, as a result of it, Greenish solution (really like magic potion) produced after struggling with those chemicals.

    And,At last, we leave the LAB.. Some of my members have to repeat it for 2nd time..HAHA.. That really show their enthusiastic in chemistry. ( credit to them OR they failed at the first trial of the practical)...Fortunately, my partner,Which is AIZAT done the practical VITORIOUSLY and still waiting for the final result tomorrow.

    This is the solution, I called it as "Expecto Gruno"-The Magic Potion name, or the Nickel Sulfate-as in chemistry name.


    1. Husaini Liakbar said...:

      can you make 'ambuyat'?

    1. zulaikha asyiqin bt nur azri @ let said...:

      i've been waiting for your updates lorhh. best la u guys. don't need to wear formal attire. here at pasum, everyday bju formal >_<

    1. Farryiedz Mustapha said...:

      Eka...haha,yea,I;m lazy to update my blog lately..haha.. Btw,haha don't get jealous..we can even wear sandal+round neck for boys..haha...Pitty u guys at pasum la...hahhahah

    1. zulaikha asyiqin bt nur azri @ let said...:

      jgn mls2 update blog, xpat ku skodeng laki nsem kat intec ya lak. haha. though, we sound a bit skema there. but truth to be told, we can live with the baju formal la wei. only for a year. then, xda la formal gk. haha.

    1. cahaya keharumanku said...:

      farid..lab coat ktk org lengan pendek oww..

    1. Mohd Adib said...:

      same college but never been to the lab... priority to ALM student. We russian need to reserve the lab before we want to do experiment. Huhuhu. what to do......

    1. Farryiedz Mustapha said...:

      Sofea : yea....sort of..haha
      Adib : no worries la, u guyz will hve 6 years to play with those chemicals in lab..haha

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