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  • Diary of ALM-Nottingham: The Final Moment: Sem 1-A-level Medicine

    Sunday, October 30, 2011

    So, what I've done so far? Throughout the Sem 1 of being A-level Medicine student. I just realize that I'm taking A-level right now which this type of pre-U things never come across through my childhood plan.

    Apa yang berlaku kemudian? Test 1 yang agak HORRIBLE untuk dikenang kembali , keputusan dah macam bukan budak scholar..but for us, the excused is easy, this thing is still new, so it's normal which my Pk-Koko will slap my face for giving that stupid excuses. Then, tekad untuk berubah dan untuk melakukan transformasi datang berkobar! KAMI ANAK MALAYSIA! We are genius (yaww)...

    Datang gelombang ke-2, Test 2, result agak gempaX sikit, (cuma sedikit, x banyak). "Good, AT LEAST u're improve from the previous test"-Mdm, Lecturer Bio-. Ok Fine. The word at least memang cukup bermakna. U know what that mean? U're still WORST and not even reaching the target. But I'm still proud of it, many of my collegeu still can't score on BIO...HAHA, not too proud , I still below the par for CHEMISTRY and MATHEMATHICS and for god sake, STATISTICS!

    so,that's it for what I've done in My sem 1. Btw, I'm still not finishing my sem 1 until the moment of last paper, and this going to happen next week, Nov8-15/2011.

    In "White Coat" before presenting a demonstrative speech "The advanced in Facial Care"


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