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  • Money Crysis : Between Shopaholic & Novel

    Sunday, October 30, 2011

    My sist cakap, OKB : Orang kaya baru when my allowance masuk!.. first month OK dookie, bersuka ria, u know, makanan wewah n so on bla:2...
    but when it comes to the point where ur money start to decline, u'll start to figure out and calculate ur bujet for u to survive for the remaining days before the Sem break start, and that's exactly happening on RIGHT NOW, THIS MOMENT of my fingertips tapping on the keyboard.

    * Had Wendy's during "zaman kecerahan"

    * Popia Basah at Plaza Alam Sentral, Shah Alam*

    * Bersuka Ice skating at Sunway Pyramid*

    *semak @ Sunway pyramid*
    The thing is that, I am OWKAY if I starve , u know, I can make 2 things in 1, DIET + MONEY SAVING with this economy so be called as CRYSIS, that's not the point. Haha (pesal aku mengarut ni).

    Actually I've designed few outfits for this sem break, create a new personality of me after being travelled far from my hometown. But the cost for me to change an inch from head to toe is not that CHEAP, I mean, there's nothing cheap for us to look ELEGANT . So, that's it! My money is not enough!!.. (my mom would say, spent based on ur standard, aww), and people would easily say that, just PUT YOUR DREAM, SEE URSELF, SEE UR MONEY.
    so I AM, my money is enough IF this NOVEL OBSESSION in me is not exist!

    Aku dah shortlist novel2 Meg Cabolt yang expensive kalau cari kat POPULAR, MPH, but luckily, I found kedai buku Which offer an extremely affordable price by which u can have the Meg Cabolt series in just 17Bucks!!!!.. OMG! where is the shop, here is the detail- Amcorp Mall, PJ.

    But why must u buy this novel anyway?
    Great, thank u for that question. U know what, I'm going back to hometown for about 6.5 weeks of Sem Holiday and I'm not going to read all those scientific research done by what-so-ever scientist for every of each moment in my life for this long sem -break! huh... Simple-ngee.

    Why don't u just find it in Library?
    What a joke? Did U ever go to Library before? or a maybe just a glimpse on the literature section in those library? If not, u better go and find me the MEG CABOLT full series, thank U.

    so for my advise, Please focus only one of ur interest, if u dont have any interest either, it is best for u to only be an obsession for one thing at one time, That's the best!
    for God Sake, I'm giving advise, BUT who's going to find Solution for me? ARgh!


    1. Loner said...:

      in the library there's a book (at least)entitled "HOW TO MANAGE MONEY FOR DUMMIES!"

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