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  • International Education Center , The MARA university Of Technology ( INTEC UiTM,Shah Alam)

    Saturday, May 21, 2011

    I never expect that i would go for Uitm Campus as I never apply for this college. I've heard that Uitm served a better facilities than others. That's a great news as Im going to Intec Uitm to pursue My ALM- Alevel Medicine there.

    Story about INTEC- the place for me to do my A level before pursuing my degree in University of Nottingham ( Majoring in Pharmacy ). In general, INTEC is located at section 17 in Shah Alam, Selangor. Since i never been there, i really don't know how long could it takes from the city of Kuala Lumpur.Most of the students here are under scholarship. ( JPA,MARA,SHELL,PETRONAS,KHAZANAH) and so on. So do I too. Im under JPA Scholarship-PILN 2011.

    What program Offers?
    A level Medicine - for twinning program ( IMU,MMC,PMC,Nottingham)
    A level UK - Architecture
    Australian matriculation - Pharmacy,architecture
    Russian program - Preparation course for medic student
    A level German - Engineering course on German
    Middle East - Medicine
    well, that a summary of the program offered,for more detail,please google yourself.

    My program will start on July 3rd which is 1 month to go. I really have no idea what to do now. I really need a person (more is better) to assist me later to find College Cendana, my future residential. I really hope my life in INTEC will so much fun and happening. Meeting new friends, new environment , new lecturers and ALL NEW.

    More about my program:
    ALM (A level medicine )- the entry requirement is not that difficult and not that easy (so-so,everyone can get it). To make life easier, it is better to score at least 9A- in SPM or GCE O-level, including additional mathematics..Subjects offered under this program is Biology , Statistics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Additional IELTS ( International English Languange Testing System) and Islamic studies. In order to pass, we have to achieve above the cut off point set by the JPA. For my course, cut off point JPA-12 , University of Nottingham - 14/AAB. Im going to post more about my course later.


    1. Izzati said...:

      Hey Farryiedz! Salam. I also got the JPA scholarship for A-level Medicine at INTEC. I got the twinning programme IMU doing pharmacy.Nice to know you.

    1. Farryiedz Mustapha said...:

      Really? tats nice!...gonna meet u later! ehe

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