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  • Universiy of Malaya Vs University of Nottigham,UK

    Friday, May 20, 2011
    my Scope for today post is totally about my recent offers.

    University of Malaya - Foundation in life science
    University of Nottingham,UK- MPharm,basically pharmacy

    I am here to produce the Pro and Contra of those options,which is from my deepest thought,after a while.Once i receive the offer from JPA telling me that i am succeed to further my study in pharmacy, I was so overly excited,shouting here and there. Till the end of the day, is this my right decision to choose JPA instead of Local university?. And here it is, My simple view regarding my issue.

    University of Malaya
    Im going to save 1 year if i taking this path,absolutely 1 year earlier for my graduation day. After taking 1 year of foundation,then i can easily short cut to pursue my degree either in Pharmacy or Medicine,but it is not that easy. Still need to work hard ( which is always happen in life). But, the time of foundation study is just too compact, A year to finish all those chapters,less time to enjoy . well, lets the hard come first (my father always reminds me that).Can I cope within this 1 year? but if we're fail during the last semester ( Pointer less than 3.oo, i guess) we still can be accepted by the local university so that we can make improvement during our degree course.well, that's the most BRIGHTEST side since UM is one of the best university in Malaysia. By the way, UM does not offer any scholars (if im not mistaken,correct me ) which makes me think twice to choose this path.

    University of Nottingham, UK
    well, for introduction, this program takes 6 years for me to graduate,2 years for my preparation which is my ALM(A-level medicine) and 4 years of degree in pharmacy.Besides, in order to have a place in UON, we have to achieve our cut off point ( 14/15-AAB)..which is not that easy. 14/15 is exactly as "almost perfect". we need to SACRIFICE more time in order to be the "almost perfect" not even achieving the PERFECT standard. The preparation course will be placed at INTEC, UiTM shah Alam. I really dont care if the system and the requirement of JPA is just too high, the thing is, I CAN FLY TO UK...i'll make my dream comes true,to make my family proud of me,to make me proud of myself... 90% of the statements are totally the dark side if im chosen this path,THAT's the fact that i've to admit. well, my own principle does not really border about that . NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

    Since i've chosen studying abroad as path of life, all the negatives fact are purposely written in almost complete version so that I CAN GET THE SPIRIT TO MAKE IT POSSIBLE!!


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