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  • Kisahbudak A-levelMedicine; 22hari menjelangPendaftaran

    Friday, June 10, 2011

    Before Everything start, Peace be upon to you. My entry this early Mid night is purposely written to enhance my communication skills since i rejected the assignment that requires me to write 3000 words interview report. Well,it's just I'm lacking of time to find materials to write on the report.

    22 more days before I officially known as A-level Medicine student. I still don't know why I am too eager to enter the class. Some of my seniors tell us to spend the long holiday wisely since you'll miss your holiday at home once you step your foot into college. I think 5-months holiday are just enough for us not to regret back after entering the college soon. Well, I don't how really does it feels, but just chill.

    And, before the midnight reach it peaks, I've made some research regarding my future University after finishing this A-level stuff. The University of Nottingham. Basically Malaysia campus before entering the University park campus at England,UK. My research tonight was focusing on the requirements that we need to achieve at the first place.

    University Park campus,UK (main Campus)

    Of Malaysia Campus

    A-level offered: we need to achieve cut-off point 14 . That is equivalent of AAB in any 3 subjects of science during A-level. These includes basic Science: exp of Biology , Chemistry And mathematics. Then, we need to have a interview sessions that require us to perform our skills in those sciences subject. Since TUON is shortlisted as the best research pharmacy school in UK, the intake for every year is limited to maintain their prestigious name in UK. For Malaysia campus,they'll accept only 70 applicants every year. While the UK campus will only accept 45 international applicants. That's mean, we're bound for this Nottingham programe needs to struggle more to reserve a place in the future.
    Im glad to read that they'll only need band 6.5 of IELTS (International english language test system). While some of IMU bound student needs at least of band 7 in their IELTS.

    22 more days before everything starts. Which me Luck!


    1. Anonymous said...:

      all the best. i know u can do it hwaiting :))))

    1. Farryiedz Mustapha said...:

      EKA!!!...thanks! ...see u at this University after u graduating ur Foundation..haha!

    1. Anonymous said...:

      insyaAllah :)))

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